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Enter Part Number starting with 




1. Enter the start of a part number in the text box and click on the "SEARCH" button.

2. In order to browse multiple line items of stock with sequential part numbers i.e. part numbers from one specific OEM, please enter the initial characters in the box. This will take you to the top of the stock file for these particular parts and you can then browse through our stock listing for other similar part numbers you may wish to order.”

Example: To view all B/E Aerospace (Inventum) parts in stock beginning 7S…… please enter 7S and select SEARCH. This will then list all 7S parts in sequence so allowing you to browse our complete stockholding of these parts.

3. You will be presented with one or more pages of product references that begin with the search criteria entered. Note: Should the stock show 0 it means the item is on reorder and will be back in stock within a few days

4. Click on the blue highlighted part number to see the detail page for a part. Navigate back to the search results by using the links at the base of each page or initiate a new search using the form at the top of each page. If the parts you require are not listed you may add them to the RFQ after you click the COMPLETE RFQ Button (Note: You may click this button at any time to manually complete an RFQ without searching our database.)

5. When you are happy with your selection specify how many of the part you require in the "QUANTITY REQUIRED " box and click the "Add to RFQ" button. You will then be presented with the "RFQ REVIEW" page (you can return to this page at any time by clicking the " COMPLETE RFQ" Button) this page shows all the parts currently on your RFQ. You can then initiate a new search using the form at the base of the page and continue adding items to your order.

6. When you have finished adding items to your RFQ click on the "COMPLETE RFQ" Link. The "RFQ PROCESSING" page contains all the items previously added to the RFQ and allows you to enter further information and additional Part Numbers in a form below the listed items. When you have completed or edited any items on the RFQ form click the "Click here to send this RFQ" button. You will briefly see a white page whilst your RFQ is processed ( if your browser sticks on this page follow the instructions on the page) you will then see a confirmation page.

7. When the RFQ has been fully processed by Reheat International Limited we will send you a response by e-mail.